FAQs – 30 Days to Fit


  • Do we get to keep the program after 30 days?

    Absolutely! You pay one fee of $49.99, and you have access to it forever. You can re-do the program as many times as you like and it will never expire. 

  • What are the workouts like?

    The workouts are divided into Legs & Glutes, Back & Triceps, Upper Body Cardio, Full Body, and Cardio & Core days. This program is based 100% off of my own workouts, and how I train at the gym every week. The workouts are different each week and will challenge and change you. You’ll start developing your glute strength, practice pull up variations, strengthen your upper body with a variety of weighted and body weight exercises, as well as work on your cardiovascular health.

  • Are the meal preps customizable for diet preferences?

    Yes. Each meal prep is made with all different dietary restrictions and preferences in mind. There are notes on each recipe giving options to substitute each protein with a plant or meat based protein. 

  • How long is each workout?

    Each workout ranges from 30-70 minutes in length, INCLUDING the warm up and cool down. You’ll find the first couple workouts will take the longest, as you get used to the warm up exercises and how to go through them effectively. There are shorter workouts, such as on the full body and cardio/core days, while the longer ones are usually the legs/glutes and upper body cardio.

  • Do we do the workouts alongside you as we watch the videos?

    The videos are not to be watched and worked out to simultaneously. I go through the workout on my own, showing each exercise or circuit, so each video is about 5 minutes in length. When you do the workout yourself, you can login to the program on your device where you’ll find a table with the full workout. You can screenshot it as well and bring it with you, if your gym doesn’t have wifi.

  • What currency is the pricing in?

    Since this is a digital product sold worldwide, all pricing is shown in USD.

  • Do I need a gym to complete this program?

    The workouts are all based around standard gym equipment, but we definitely have members who do this program from home too! We’ll be using the squat rack, barbells, dumbbells, benches, resistance bands and cables. If you have everything EXCEPT for a cable machine, I have created a full resistance band modification video which shows how to properly substitute each cable machine exercise using only bands. 

  • What do I get for $49.99?

    You will receive 30 videos for each of the 30 days in the program. You also receive 5 bonus videos which include warm up and cool down stretch routines, and glute activation exercises. Out of the 30 days you will get 22 unique workout videos, 4 meal prep videos, and 4 information sessions. Not only that, but each day comes with a daily health tip, you will receive work sheets and weekly challenges to help you stay accountable and on track.