HIV can lay dormant for decades before somebody tests positive. – 30 Days to Fit

HIV can lay dormant for decades before somebody tests positive.

Simply because a guy has a web link to a test that is negative his profile, doesn’t mean they’ve been negative. Every man is thought by me who’s got intercourse with guys should consider that their lovers could be good. Whether or perhaps not they would like to wear a condom is as much as them.

Then more men will be having unprotected sex under the belief that their partner is negative if a service like Qpid (which will no doubt start charging people once the service gets popular, thus becoming another “for profit” organization making money off HIV. This is certainly bad into the run that is long as well as for obvious reasons.

Additionally, any company claiming that their goal that is only is “help spread the love” shouldn’t be trusted. This kind of attitude that is flippant public wellness doesn’t have put on this web site nor any place else for instance.

we agree with you vafratboy i get tested extremely 6 months

I’m sure it is a difficult call to show your sti status that is hiv, however it is just the right move to make for both you and your spouse. exactly exactly How can you feel if somebody kept something therefore essential away away from you, and also you discovered which you didn’t also had to be able to at the very least choose for yourself. Dudes just be up front with eachother, life is simply too brief for that style of key.

Hell the f#%k naw to both concerns. I might maybe not allow some business verify and publish my status because there’s an excessive amount of dangers of personal information escaping . being provided various other methods that we might possibly not have decided to. I’m HIV negative and also have no other conditions. In cases where a partner I’ve chose to hookup with desires verification i will show him the page I have from my doctor’s workplace I have everytime I’m tested which will be every during my annual physical year. I’d not bareback either. We protect myself from HIV by restricting my intercourse lovers and playing safe whenever I do play. Who the%k that is f the corporation I’m supposed to trust my own information too? Dem mf’s could possibly be in Russia or India some damn where…or the CIA etc, for several I’m sure.

The logic that is underlying your post claim that how you can avoid HIV or other STDs is always to perhaps perhaps perhaps not rest with anyone that is ‘not clean’. You ought to always assume that your particular sex that is casual partner HIV+ and may have another STD. For this reason you should always practice safe intercourse. It was the strategy that is educational had been utilized whenever HIV first surfaced. This labeling is merely pushing people that are HIV underground.

We trust Vafratboy, i actually do publish my status on my profile, I recently got on Dec first.

we shall never fulfill guys whom doesnt understand their status

We must all be truthful about our status. Also we should all be exercising safer and sex that is safe we all know without a doubt the status of our lovers. Being POZ just isn’t a barrier for me personally and partners that are finding intimate encounters. Individuals will place HIV- inside their status and also have never had a test. You might be less inclined to get HIV from me personally, a POZ person who is invisible, then a next ten individuals who really don’t understand their status. Yet we have actually had people think about it here and let me know we must not be permitted to be on A4A and that i’m distributing the condition. We have had the partner that is same fifteen years and then he continues to be neg all things considered this time around, and I also have experienced numerous playmates regarding the part thru many years, some lasting 15 years also in addition they all stay neg. Individuals who have no idea their status are those many accountable for distributing this illness today.

Awareness Education, Prevention, Testing & Treatment as Prevention are vital within the Stopping for this illness.

so far as a test goes you have to understand that while a lot of people after publicity will test good after between 2 and 12 months. There was a percentage that is small of that will maybe maybe perhaps not test good through to the virus has been around their human anatomy for a few months, therefore to be absolutley sure you may be HIV free, simply take the test at six months after visibility, but go ahead and make the test before that; say, at 12 months since this fits enough time framework for many people to really have the virus arrive within their bloodstream. Let’s place it in this way, if it were me personally, I would personally get tested after 12 days and once more in the 6 thirty days mark. And intimately active those who have had sex that is unsafe text regular. In the event that you test good log on to meds… inform your lovers, as soon as you will get invisible status you’re really safe choice once more. Encourage your friends to evaluate. Maybe Not certain personally i think the requirement to own it posted on right right here… I am able to provide anybody a current content of my status that desires to view it:) But if it can help other people I quickly might ponder over it. Have healthier sex-life, end up a suitable partner or partners and play… but play safe:)