Day 2 – 30 Days to Fit
Day 2

Training Day 2: Back & Triceps

Welcome to Day 2!

Your legs must feel pretty sore today, so we're going to give them a rest. Today you're going to be hitting back and triceps! Back day is a day you don't want to forget, because having a strong back plays a BIG role in our posture and performing exercises correctly.

Tip: For any back exercises, make sure that you're not letting your shoulders shrug up to your ears. Keep them down and relaxed as you perform each rep.

Don't forget to do your upper body warm up before you begin and upper body cool down once you're done. Let's go!

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Workout 2: Back & Triceps

1. Barbell Row48-10
2. DB Overhand Row to Neutral48
3. SUPERSET: 3 Rounds2 min break b/w rounds
a) Cable Rope Face Pulls10-12
b) Cable Rope Pulls10-12
4. Cable Tricep Pushdown412-15
5. Single Arm Banded Push Back310-12

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